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Some fresh pop music from « You Wish » – Talisco and here we are, back in the brand world of Balsamik.

To start their fifth season on TV commercials (I mean fashion season, so starting their 3rd year), the e-commerce brand and the young agency Altman + Pacreau choose to focus on a critical info: the « perfect woman » does not exist! Why? Probably because Bree Vander Camp is a fictional character and if you have seen all seasons of Desperate Housewives, you know that she is not that perfect. But more seriously, let’s try to build an opinion through several medias.

First of all, let’s talk about Vogue Woman type. Contrary to common beliefs, Vogue women (in other words models) are not only tall and skinny girls.

The last sort movie of Loren Denis, Well, nobody is perfect, humanize this job. Now models are also opinion leaders thanks to social network. Like Cara Delevingne for example, who reveals her beacon’s diet and her big eyebrows with a lot of humor and self-mockery.

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Me all the time VS me very rarely

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Or in a more serious way, Gigi Hadid, who choose to post a text on Instagram to reply to criticisms about her “curvy” body.

As you can well imagine, Vogue women are more and more committed. During Fashion Week, they can choose to work for French designers as agnès b. or Jean Paul Gaultier who are fighting for several years against size 0 models. Beside, now in France, thanks to the government with Veran amendment, models have to pass a pre-recruitment medical examination. This measure urges models to fight against nervosa anorexia which affects 30 to 40 000 people with a large majority of teenagers (all at once they have no choice if they want keep working).

But these Vogue women, with their dreamy measurement, looks more like exceptions than ordinary woman. What would be the perfect shape of French woman for example?

Darling (as they say in some fashion shop), if you try to be concerned, you’ll easily find that in France, Women are 1m95 tall for a weight of 63kg. La Frenchie shows a A morphologies (25,8%) and her body shape moves from a 8 morphology between 17 and 24 years old (28%) to V (38%). In other words, there is not a normal shape for woman body. This is why contrary to magazines, on French TV broadcasters have adapted their speech. Christina Cordula on M6 provides relooking advices according to measurement. And Caroline Baly on France 2, illustrates tendencies thanks to different shape models.

Beyond body shape, Pirelli shows another point of view of women in his 2016 calendar. This year, natural and charismatic women have replaced models: Serena Williams, Yoko Ono, Amy Schumer, Patti Smith, Agnes Gund, …

This new positioning has registered several press releases in December. The Italian tire brand already take a timid first step last year with her first plus size model since 1964, Candice Huffine.

Candice Huffine

To conclude, Blasamik is right, the perfect woman does not exist. Their offbeat communication tone based on morphologies is modern; the perfect woman exists only in ideologies. This fashion online platform launched in 2013 by Movitex (Daxon, ex Kering) is one of the few that choose to sell products that can be adapted to client’s body shape. This effective strategy has reached a prompted awareness rating of 64% in 18 month. Indeed, thanks to this brand, all women are able to afford fashion must-have without looking at fashion industry standards.

This new campaign is a king of continuation of Dove adds, with a fresh, committed and humoristic tone. It was directed by Audrey Dana – Sous les jupes des filles. International Cinema may have also a new image of women in 2016 due to actress fight against wage inequality between men and women. Such as Particia Arquette who underlines this issue in her acceptance speech during Oscars (best supporting actress – Boyhood) or Jennifer Laurence in a tribune last October. These evolutions in women image in the media and in a wider view in society may be the result of a change in attitudes.

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