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When usually we break the silence in order to be heard, Grey Paris and Primo Levi Center used a cunning gimmick (that reminds us of the famous and eloquent song title by Simon & Garfunkel), to support an upsetting  cause.

Right in the middle of a very complicated social and political context happening on the international scene, this campaign is the first of its kind to require your silence in order to make noise. With 125 000 victims of torture refugee in France, the Primo Levi Center (French association helping victims of torture and political violences) intends to apprise the general public and the government about the need to take care of these indigents. Some side effects of a trauma lie in the obsessive fear of stimuli associated with the violent act. For those 125 000 victims, their pain reside in the sounds they experienced

The sound of the jailer’s keys becomes the herald of terror, a plastic bag noise reminds them suffocation and a wet sponge is simulated drowning. For the launch of this project, special guests Frédéric Bouraly, Lorie Pester, Agnès B., Michel Brugière, Sam’s and the rising stars L.E.J accepted to live the immersive experience in the video below.

How about the petition?

Thank to a dedicated website (www.thesoundofsilence.fr), the public is invited to symbolically give their silence for those who will forever be badly obsessed with the sounds of torture. By holding the clic, silence is instantly materialized : the vinyle black grooves representing violence turn to white in the rythme of silence.


Thank to « The sound of silence », Grey Paris and the Primo Levi Center demonstrate that silence can be louder than the sounds of torture.

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