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It has been 200 years now since the old continent became industrialized. Later the rest of the world followed and started to produce more and more confort for whom could afford it.

According to Lavoisier’s idiom “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed“. Our resources are getting more and more scarce as they get transformed into products and miscellaneous waste. As the ecological impact gets stronger, the global stakeholders, main responsible of this dread catastophy are finally raise the alarm bell. The only conceivable solutions are countermeasures, consequently the stakeholders set an appointment November 30, 2015 for the COP21 to work together in order not to cross the point of no return. This conference of the last chance is not the sole concern of governments. Brands do have their role to play and Ben & Jerry’s is committing it’s CSR policy…

The ultimate limit : 2°c 

Scientists agree that we should not emit more than 565 gigatons of CO2 in the atmosphere during the 21st century if we want to remain into the limited  2 °C of global warming. We all know crossing that line would have dramatic and irreversible aftermath. WWF raise the alarm even stronger saying 2°C is already too much. Before COP21, with that limit figure well known of the entier planet, WWF issued a new campaign created by Publicis Nurun in order to raise awareness on that way to confortable limit of 2°C considering what’s at stake.

A matter of Corporate Social Responsibility

Worried of the legacy of his generation to his son and the youth, Ben & Jerry’s CEO Jostein Solheim decided to commit to reduce his company’s  ecological footprint. In France Ben & Jerry’s announced this willpower with the help of Pschhh agency by launching the #FonduFoutu (literally #MeltedRuined) movement.

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#FonduFoutu is the movement using the words of Ben Cohen, founder of the brand who once said “If it’s melted it’s ruined” while talking about the product. This quote has been adapted to nowadays context and claim justice for the climate. “Tell your leader : we need a green energy before 2050“. In addition to the publication of it’s  Social and Environmental Assessment Report, Ben & Jerry’s propose to sign a petition on Avaaz.

“Join Avaaz, Ben & Jerry’s and millions of citizens on the planet asking developed countries and U.N’s leaders to fight climate change during the next summit in Paris. Our objective is to make the world’s leaders work on a 100% green energy before 2050.”

More than a movement it’s a strategic plan engaged by Jostein Solheim as Ben & Jerry’s launched a partnership project with it’s parent company Unilever in order to have 100 % green energy in 2020.

These ambitions also recall Suez Environnement‘s strategic plan that consisted in grouping all the subsidiaries under the same name and lead “resource revolution”.

Of course beyond the political solutions supported by the brand during COP21 (get rid of fossil fuel, increase renewable energy resources, tax CO2 emissions and help developing countries), Ben & Jerry’s commit to continue it’s efforts and show the example.

“We rely on agriculture for our main ingredients, especially dairy, as well as manufacturing to make our products, trucks to transport our finished products and freezers to keep our ice cream cold. We know our carbon footprint, and are working throughout our operations to reduce it. We are working with our farmers to reduce methane emessions from farms, we lead the change to a cleaner, greener freezer in the United States and built the Chunkinator at our Netherlands factory which helps power the factory from ice cream bi-products. We also know what we’ve done is not nearly enough and we must do more.”

In a true ecological and societal matter, Ben & Jerry’s promised to change it’s processes and invite everybody to do so. It’s all about to change behaviors and be able to demand this initiative to upper reaches.

This hybrid corporate campaign is strong because it federates the general public and supports a cause in which everyone can make the difference. We all know the snowball effect and its derogatory connotation. Ben & Jerry’s #FonduFoutu is the scoop of ice cream effect with a positive result for the climate and all the bipeds concerned by their environment.

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