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“Hobbs is about timeless British elegance to satisfy the multifaceted wardrobe needs of the modern woman.” Here is Hobbs CEO Meg Lustman’s statement that fosters understatement.

In this very eye catching campaign, colors are used in a subtle way to create the perfect and homogenous blend. Hobbs’ quiet confidence to modern women in order to embody the pure British elegance reside in being subtlele. It is all about being admired as much for who they are as what they’re wearing. The is no need to stand-out when you make an understatement wearing Hobbs pieces.

The campaign is declined in 5 beautiful prints in which the model seamlessly blends into its environment. “Make an understatement“, a typical British locution that makes sens for everyone in these following ads.

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This is Déjà Vu

Motorola_Understatement_McCannUKIn a campaign made in 2000 by McCann London, “Make an understatement” is an idiomatique locution previously used as a tagline for the cell-phones brand Motorola.

J’accuse !?

Some may say it is a copycat, but I believe it’s harsh statement considering the British concept of understatement.

In the French version of this article I tried to explain to my French fellas and main readers of the blog in what consist the concept of understatement.

As this is very specific to English language, as it is a genuine concept that helps expressing in 3 words other creative concepts ; I believe it is not that easy to simply point the finger at Droga5 London. Either ways, I’m fine with these two different campaigns.


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