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As the fashion world lays down the law of perfect measurements and spindly models, the only « Morpho » prêt-à-porter brand continues to bounce conventions by celebrating all the women who doesn’t fit these standards.

This is the assertion of a brand positioning, but this is not a manifesto. Alongside its agency Altmann+Pacreau, the pure player Balsamik.fr turns into the partner of all the women by celebrating the multitude of measurements.

Because the perfect women is a subjective ideal, the standard woman doesn’t exist. In this campaign, the feminine nature is characterized by diversity. The strength of this spot is to figure out how to take the best advantage of diversity by using comedy.

Concerning the media plan, the spot can be seen online (Youtube and the brand’s social network ecosystem) for the 55sec version and on TV (Groupes France Télévisions and M6) in its 30 and 15sec duration.

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