Few weeks ago we were observing the different media dedicated to communication and advertising. We have been working all the beginning of 2016 and today we are proud to launch Plansboard. We are impatients to know how will be welcomed this blog with true advertising topics, lots of texts, beautiful pictures and a name that truly makes sense.

A blog that bets on advertising analysis during an economic crisis. A blog which says that advertising should be considered as a fascinating, exigent and curious discipline. Not like news in brief. A blog that studies brands’ communications, that talks about most of the big issues of a field that faces digital transformation. A blog that plays with an english name while the French audience is said to hate that. A blog that doesn’t only pay attention to advertising news like most of the existing blogs.

However, Plansboard focuses on producing genuine and exclusive content that brings out advertisers and their agencies in a different way.

Of course we hope your interest and the quality of our articles, the originality of the blog, its eclecticism, its aesthetic committed stance and its choice to only talk about advertising through an analytical prism will fit your expectancies. The ultimate goal that will fill up our passion for this profession by interesting you in all that amuses us and by trying to amuse you with all what we are interested in.

Finally, having pleasure doing what we do is what we will dedicate ourselves with Plansboard; thank to our collective of editors that will look over the latest trends with talent. Making you enjoy while reading is what we will try our best to do by sharing our analysis, our favorites, our passion and our faith in advertising. Let’s think advertising !

Mehdi Boussouis & Benjamin Brenot
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